Have peace of mind that you and others around you are protected from germs


Touch & Clean technology promotes healthy & hygienic environments to stop germs


Enhanced health & hygiene routines spread cleanliness as you connect with people and surfaces

Phoel Free
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Step into your new hygiene routine with Phoel.

Our innovative TridAnt® Touch & Clean technology will keep you protected, wherever you choose to spend your freedom

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What's in the Bottle?

Phoel® presents a revolutionary antimicrobial skin protection, infused with TridAnt® infection prevention technology. Effective against a broad range of pathogens including Influenza, Norovirus, Adenovirus, Vaccinia & Sars Cov-2

99.99% effective

99.99% protection against viruses, bacteria, and germs

Touch & Clean

Lasts for up to 48 hours on skin and up to 60 days on surfaces


Kill germs on every surface you touch


Proven to be water-resistant and

Phoel Skin Protection is honestly life-changing. I carry one with me everywhere I go and it gives me a level of protection that other sanitizers don't offer. It's compact, looks great, and helps me to keep my friends and family safe too.

Luke Wintrip