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Behind the Brand

Phoel® uses TridAnt® technology innovated for the medical device and healthcare industry, to bring healthcare to everyone, everywhere, every day in high contact areas, reduce pathogenic impact and to enable the NHS to focus on chronic illness. The technology also aims to help lengthen the time available to produce safe vaccines and to negate social distance requirements.

Phoel® technology is a preventative solution, for people to feel protected and return to a healthy & hygienic society. Our antimicrobial technology significantly enhances protection in high contact areas, reduces pathogenic impact and enables the healthcare services to focus on chronic illness. The technology also aims to enhance health & hygiene infrastructure and reduce single use items.


Enhance human
hygiene & health

Reduce water and
critical resource usage

Remove single-use
item reliance

Improve healthcare and
societal infrastructure

The Lotus and The Phoenix
together, symbolise constant
evolution into stronger humans.

Following the recovery from Covid 19, security and protection levels will remain elevated. It is important to find the most efficient and economical way to reduce risks to customers and staff, to return to safe operational levels and ultimately return to a better normal

Phoel® aims to place society in a strong position to prevent situations such as Covid 19 arising again, where the world is left in a reactionary position. This solution allows us to be proactive ahead of potential risks.

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