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TridAnt® Infrastructure is the first line of defence

Prevent, Protect & Progress

Phoel Ltd. offers a preventative solution, for people to feel protected and return to a safer society. Our antibacterial technology aims to enhance protection in high contact areas, reduce pathogenic impact and to enable the NHS to focus on chronic illness. The technology also aims to help lengthen the time available to produce safe vaccines and to negate social distance requirements.

How To Do It?

Complete prevention and action strategy, combined with tests and vaccines.

Enhance Protection

Reduce Pathogenic Impact

Gain Time to Produce Vacciness

NHS to Focus on Chronic Illneses

Eliminate social distance requirements

Assure consumers of improved cleanliness & reduced risks

Following the recovery from Covid 19, security and protection levels will remain elevated rather than falling back to previous levels. It is important to find the most economical way to return to safe operational levels and ultimately, achieve growth.

Reduce costs of maintenance and protection for the future

Phoel offers the potential to maintain the same infrastructure but reduce overheads and consumption of one-time articles while being more sustainable now and in the future.

Enhanced preventative healthcare & public infrastructure

Phoel aims to place society in a strong position to prevent situation such as Covid 19 arising again, where the world is left in a reactionary position. Solutions allow for us to be proactive and ahead of potential risks.

Phoel & BioInteractions have partnered together to provide state-of-the-art technology and
modern-day high-performance products to protect and enhance the hygiene of individuals,
organisations and communities.
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Phoel Hygiene Care innovates and manufactures revolutionary hygiene products and
services for consumers, organisations and communities.